How to Clean Golf Clubs Properly


Cleaning your golf clubs comes with many benefits. Not only will they look better in your bag but a regular cleaning can help you get a better grip of the club and better ball control. Your newfound confidence in your swing and control through impact will have you hitting better in no time! In the following post, you will learn how to clean your golf clubs properly and maintain your clubs on the course for optimal performance.

Cleaning the face of the club regularly keeps the grooves clean which helps the club bite into the jacket of the ball helping you in several aspects of the game. Not only do you get higher backspin rates which can help you get more distance, but you are able to get more lateral right/left spin allowing you to shape your shots to get around doglegs, play with a crosswind, or get closer to the green from behind that tree that jumped in front of your ball. It’s also crucial for sticking the ball to the green or even getting that stop and back up approach shot.

Deep Cleaning Your Golf Club Grips

Deep cleaning is easy, takes almost no time, allows you to know the exact condition of your clubs, and will help you take strokes off of your game by giving you more control.

To start deep cleaning your clubs grab a bucket, I like a 5-gallon bucket and fill with about a foot of hot water.  Add some dish soap to this bucket and stir in vigorously to get a bit of bubble action going, I use the grip end of a club. Take each of your clubs and dunk them into the soapy water and get them nice and sudsy. I use my hand to rub the grip down and work the soap around, but a soft bristle brush would work great, especially for dirty or oily grips.

After scrubbing the grip clean I squeegee off any excess soap and water and wipe down the grip with a towel, I just use the one hanging on my bag. Do this for each of your clubs, once done I just grab the bundle of them by the shaft and run them under hot water from my kitchen sink to rinse them off.

Shake off excess water, and stand up somewhere with good ventilation or pat down with a dry clean towel or paper towel.  Once dry, grab one!  It should feel noticeably…grip-ier and maybe even better than when you first got your set.

Deep Cleaning the Club Head

Now it’s time to clean up your club heads.  I take all of my clubs and put them in my bucket of hot water and let them soak for a minute while I grab a bristle brush off of my bag. If you are grabbing a brush for the first time, metal brushes are fine but may leave scratches. I don’t have problems using one, but be aware of this. I would just use a nylon brush if you are concerned about the finish and you want to keep them looking nice or if you have a darker finish on your clubs.

Cleaning the club head is pretty straightforward. Pull a club, dunk your brush and scrub any grime, driving range mat and grass off of the clubface and sole of the club dunk to rinse the majority off of the club and then scrub parallel to the grooves in the club starting at the top and working your way down, apply some pressure and the bristles will pull out all sorts of crud from the grooves of the club. Dunk again to rinse and wipe off with a towel to dry. Repeat for each of your clubs making sure they are nice and dry before storing them again.

Now that we did the work of cleaning our golf clubs, we will want to keep them nice and clean so they perform as good as they can and help you take strokes off of your game.

Cleaning Your Golf Clubs on the Course

Cleaning your golf clubs on the course is simple and easy since we are starting with a nice clean club. After you take your shot, grab your brush give it a couple of swipes across the face to remove any dirt and grass, and wipe clean with your towel. If there is a bunch of grime from wet conditions or a fat shot, squirt a bit of water and clean it with the brush and towel, it’s that easy.

Knowing how to clean your golf clubs properly will help you hit that beautiful high draw that stops on a dime on the green and keep your shots controlled in the air and spinning how you want for that great touch around the greens so you can hit the best shots of your life and lower your handicap.

Clean up your equipment, take care of it and it will take care of you. Now get out there, smash your woods pure some irons, sink some putts and get those birdies!










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